Experienced Physical Therapist in South MiamiThe Value of Patient Education during Physical Therapy

Truly educating patients demonstrates far more than simply checking off a box on a chart. This is even truer in regards to physical therapy. New physical therapy patients ask two common questions: “How long does physical therapy take?” as well as “Is this going to hurt?”

Many patients come in with extensive skepticism, while others demonstrate a reluctance to commit to their therapy. This is often due to the long road from injury to recovery. After all, this journey is lengthy and challenging.

By educating patients, physical therapists can help improve patient attitudes, as well as cultivate a relationship based on trust and understanding throughout a physical therapy treatment.

Nonetheless, buying into the practice of an experienced physical therapist in South Miami, as well as investing the necessary time and effort can significantly improve your health. The end results may surprise you, including preeminent outcomes for both the patient as well as the physical therapist themselves.

What is a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapists represent care specialists that maintain, restore, and improve movement activity. They enable good health in individuals of all ages to possess optimal functioning while maximizing their quality of life.

By additionally pursuing exercises and physical therapy techniques designed by an experienced physical therapist in South Miami can help protect patients against injuries and potentially eliminate any need for surgery.

Physical therapists may reflect a highly-effective alternative to prescribed medications or surgery for numerous different conditions. They work with patients to alleviate pain associated with the neck, shoulders, lower back, and knees. Ailments in these areas negatively affect numerous Americans in their day to day lives.

Individuals that receive physical therapy treatments often experience greater functional improvements, as well as decreases pain intensity. An experienced physical therapist in South Miami possesses the necessary education and qualification to care for patients on a comprehensive basis. This means examination, diagnosis, in addition to treatment.

In addition to helping patients mitigate their derivative pain from musculoskeletal conditions, an experienced physical therapist in South Miami can provide value for patients afflicted with arthritis, vertigo, cancer, ulcers, and diabetes.

Providing Cost-Effective Care

Early and appropriate access to an experienced physical therapist in South Miami can help the community with significant cost savings. This takes the form of insurance and patient costs. For example, comprehensive physical therapy may alleviate the need for surgery by relieving pain and stiffness while promoting organic healing.

In spite of the fact that most states offer some form of direct access to physical therapists, some patients must still overcome roadblocks towards their optimal care. The benefit that physical therapy provides is extensive. The treatment helps patients live healthily while avoiding unnecessary surgeries, medication, or doctor visits.

These circumstances often impose hefty financial burdens on patients. Unfortunately, this is not always an option for numerous Americans. Nonetheless, physical therapy is a necessary component of comprehensive care.

Treatment Based on Science

The human body translates and interprets pain in a very predictable way when the pain is acute. This is similar to burning your finger on a curling iron. In this situation, your pain receptors in your finger transmit a signal to your brain and you experience the pain of the burning nerves.

When you pull a muscle, the same situation occurs. However, the mechanism behind the severity of this pain is vastly more complex. Nevertheless, the important factor is that you experience pain due to stimulated pain receptors.

This is not the case when you are afflicted by chronic pain. Your brain begins interpreting pain and certain movements in a different fashion. This results in a situation where your brain experiences hypersensitivity, anticipating pain with movements. Your brain associates these movements with pain due to past trauma.

For this reason, an experienced physical therapist in South Miami may analyze seemingly unassociated areas of your body to determine root causes. The diagnosis procedure becomes significantly more difficult and could take much more time when a pain condition is chronic.

An experienced physical therapist in South Miami can guide you through this situation while cultivating an appropriate treatment. Physical therapy addresses the root issues behind a circumstance, as opposed to providing you with a bandage to temporarily alleviate pain conditions.

For example in the case of lower back pain. Numerous different symptoms and causes can result in lower back pain, but the treatment is often very similar. What this means is that the sum of the parts does not always equal the whole in physical therapy. Extensive analyzation is often necessary to get you where you need to go on your rehabilitation journey.

An Experienced Physical Therapist in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Centers

If you experience an injury or chronic pain condition, don’t just pop a couple of pain meds and expect it to get better. The same goes for rest. While rest is helpful, not all injuries will heal themselves on their own with time.

Self-medicating this way simply costs you time, money, and pain. However, when you visit an experienced physical therapist in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Centers, you can address the issue at hand, ensuring you fully address the cause of your pain.

Our specialists can enlighten and educate you on the reasons for your pain, as well as how to repair this dysfunction. By administering multiple therapy treatments they can help you rehabilitate while preventing future injuries.

For more information on an experienced physical therapist in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Centers, contact our caring, courteous staff today!