Why Early Physical Therapy in South Miami Should Represent Your First Line of Defense

As practicing physical therapists, we consistently hear the same questions. These include things like “My knee hurts, do I need to get an MRI?” or “I am in intense back pain and my PCP prescribed me pain relief medication. Is there more I can or should do?” We often hear these questions or related sentiments during our first visit with a patient.

Pain is an exhausting experience and is understandably aggravating when patients deal with it each and every day. By the time these individuals finally reach physical therapy, they often dealt with the pain for a minimum of a few weeks. Some patients even experience the condition for months or years before they consider seeing a physician!

For many individuals, pain is a debilitating experience. This endeavor proves extraordinarily troubling for individuals that go through their entire lives dealing with pain and discomfort. They have trouble even finding the joy in some of their favorite activities.

The United States represents the world’s largest consumer of pain medication. However, just last year the Center for Disease Control began recognizing physical therapy as the best treatment for lower back pain.

This is a significant change over the previously accept opioid treatment method. Unfortunately, patients in modern medicine grew used to administering a pill for any problem that they experience. Although a pill exists for almost every symptom, there is no pill to address the root cause behind an issue.

This is the problem with many modern medical approaches, treating symptoms instead of addressing the root issues. The same goes for any neuromusculoskeletal issues. Where there is a mechanical problem, early physical therapy in South Miami can address the root cause.

Replacing Surgery with Early Physical Therapy in South Miami

With physicians and patients so focused on treating symptoms, you can compare this to superficial wounds. Without finding out the source of where the bleeding originates, you cannot fix the actual problem causing the bleeding.

In the case of neuromusculoskeletal issues, a physical therapist can help you address root issues though stretching, soft tissue work, tissue manipulation, as well as exercises.

A physical therapist wields training to understand the mechanics behind how the body works. They additionally possess extensive knowledge of the human anatomy, physiology, and exercise to assist patients with healing themselves and returning to their normal daily activities.

It is their job to observe how individuals move while determining what movements and tissues concern the problem a patient experiences. They additionally educate patients on how to heal themselves properly.

While patients often recover using only physical therapy, other healthcare professionals may represent necessary healthcare resources during a recovery period. You can also enlist the services of a massage therapist, acupuncturist, or receive injections from a physician or chiropractic specialist. Each and every one of these routes works together while helping patients recover optimally.

At Progressive Therapy Center, we also often run into patients that believe surgery represents their only recourse. While under some circumstances, this is true. However, we always recommend and encourage patients considering each and every option.

We often find that during early physical therapy in South Miami leading up to a surgical procedure, patients discover how to relieve their pain, and can often avoid going beneath the knife. For this reason, we are firm believers that surgery is not the only answer.

How Does Early Physical Therapy in South Miami Work?

Unfortunately, in spite of their best efforts, some patients do not find relief or the source of their problems through physical therapy. Nonetheless, the idea is that people should attempt less invasive techniques to address their injuries. This saves both their bodies and their wallets.

Surgery, like any medical procedure, is not without its own accompanying risks. After all, surgery often requires a post-surgical physical therapy regimen to help patients return to their optimal functionality after a procedure.

Physical therapists impart significant knowledge that helps them understand how to properly stress tissues in the human body in order to induce natural healing. A balance between tension, stability, and strength should always exist evenly within the body. However, they still depend on a patient’s history of both injury and surgery.

Early physical therapy in South Miami assists patients by reducing imbalances. This includes stress within their bodily structures. As a result, they can reduce pain on an extensive level.

Early Physical Therapy in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

No matter the potential condition that you suffer from, early intervention from a physical therapist can likely assist you with your pain. Progressive Therapy Center is a resource for physical therapy treatment for the South Florida community. We assist patients on their journey down the road to recovery.

Our goal is to help patients achieve their optimal level of wellness in the most comfortable environment possible. For this reason, we provide patients a welcoming and serene environment at our center located in the heart of Pinecrest, not far from the South Miami community.

For more information on early physical therapy in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center, contact our caring and concerned physical therapist team today. As we diagnose and treat patients, we utilize extensive evidence-based research combined with manual therapy, as well as the modernist technology available in the physical therapy field.

We can help you recovery optimally, regardless of your condition. Get in touch with us today and find out precisely how our team can help your condition.