Does Early Physical Therapy in Kendall Help Patients with Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is an increasingly important health circumstance in today’s modern society. It represents the cause of 2 to 3 percent of all adult physician visits. Additionally, medical costs as a result of lower back pain in the United States has reached a figure of approximately $90 million and they continue rising faster than the overall health care average.

Nevertheless, this increased spending does not produce the results that many patients desire. There is an extremely high occurrence of poor outcomes, as well as long-term disability issues derived from lower back pain treatment. Unfortunately, this figure is only rising.

An area that many in the medical field continue to revisit, is early physical therapy intervention. This treatment often improves these outcomes. Many primary care practices already recommend lower back pain treatment from a therapist, often advising that patients continue physical activity and optimism while they wait for further treatment.

Why is Early Physical Therapy in Kendall Important?

When an individual’s injury doesn’t seem severe, many people feel like early physical therapy in Kendall is overdoing it. Although patients do not need physical therapy for each and every injury, when treatment is advisable, it is important to visit a physical therapist right away.

The longer injuries go on without treatment, the worse they can become. Medical research shows muscle atrophy and changes to the nerves can occur within 24 hours of the initial injury. Early physical therapy helps prevent these adaptations by contributing changes before the atrophy begins. This means less damage a patient’s body needs to heal.

Injuries While on the Job

Early physical therapy in Kendall additionally offers patients increased control in their recovery. No injury represents a pleasant experience for anyone. However, receiving an injury while at work comes accompanied by numerous other issues that may delay recovery.

Employees may worry about getting hurt again, especially if they experienced the injury as a part of their daily activities. They may also worry about returning to work and suffering another injury altogether. Severe injuries may cause some workers to think they cannot ever return to works at all.

Physical therapists often address these worries with injured workers. They can also educate the individual on how they can improve and possibly avoid re-injury. Learning new techniques while progressing through physical therapy affords patients an increased control over their recovery. Early intervention also helps address potential issues and concerns before they get out of hand.

Seeing the Physical Therapist First

Consulting first with a physical therapist will reduce your recovery time as they evaluate your condition. Once they determine your issues, they can initiate an appropriate treatment of the injury.

An additional benefit of consulting with a physical therapist first is that they focus on treatment for your entire body as opposed to focusing on specific systems or symptoms. They not only address the area of pain but uncover the root cause leading to a pain condition. A physical therapist will educate you on proper care for your body while decreasing the potential for future injury.

During your initial appointment with a South Florida therapy center, your physical therapist will likely attempt to analyze what techniques or exercises will serve your situation best. Most physical therapists see patients for back, shoulder, and knee injuries, however, they can help with numerous other circumstances.

Direct Access to Physical Therapy

Many patients think they need a physician’s referral to visit a physical therapist. Contrarily, you can see a physical therapist and gain the benefit of immediate and effective treatment. After all, physical therapy represents the most likely recommended treatment by a physician for an orthopedic or neuromusculoskeletal injury anyway. When you visit a PT first, you can start your journey to recovery far sooner.

Kendall South Florida Therapy Center – Progressive Therapy

At Progressive Therapy Center we combine manual manipulation with the latest technologies available in the industry to ensure our preeminent patient-centric care. We can assist individuals with a variety of conditions that include post-surgery physical therapy, as well as injury recovery.

Our South Florida therapy center is an outpatient physical therapy clinic located in the heart of Pinecrest in the Miami area, not far from the Kendall community. We take pride in assisting individuals all over South Florida with their chronic pain conditions, and numerous other concerns.

Progressive Therapy Center can help you return to the activities you enjoy most in your daily life while assisting you on the road to recovery. By dedicating these services to individuals in our community, we can promote a culture of wellness, helping patients recover in the ultimate physical therapy experience.

Our trained and educated experts handle neurological and orthopedic patients. When we diagnose a condition, we utilize evidence-based research to determine the best course of treatment. This streamlines and optimizes the process, assuring patients their best possible chance for recovery.

For more information on early physical therapy in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center contact our caring and concerned team today. In many situations, early physical therapy intervention ensures an optimal recovery, as well as helps patients abstain from unwanted invasive surgery.

Our South Florida therapy center can help you recover from several injuries, in addition to chronic pain conditions. Our ultimate goal is to help patients recover successfully in a comfortable environment. For this reason, we offer our patients a welcoming recovery environment at our beautiful outpatient facility. We can help you feel your best when you exit our doors no matter your condition.