Where Should You Receive Early Physical Therapy in Pinecrest

Physical therapy is a treatment that is suitable for numerous types of injury. However, the first time many patients familiarize themselves with physical therapy is through a referral from their own primary care physician.

When they receive a referral, patients usually feel confident of their diagnosis, as well as on their way to achieving preeminent health and wellness. The next step involves recovery, set up at their next physical therapy appointment. What many patients don’t know, however, is that they can decide where to receive their PT!

Similar to how we choose a physician, we can also choose our physical therapy professionals. Just because a doctor prescribes PT from their own facility, doesn’t mean we need to visit that specific professional.

Numerous things exist that you should take into consideration as you search for an early physical therapy in Pinecrest provider. They include:


While some individual patients may require physical therapy once per week, others need treatment three or more times. No matter your physical therapy schedule, the time it takes to travel to and from a physical therapy provider is something important to focus on.


Unfortunately, our lives do not stop when an injury occurs. Knowing the offers that your therapy provider offers is important. Do they work in your schedule? Is the facility open early or closes late? What do they offer for weekends?

Clinical Expertise

Healthcare professionals often continue their education through the entirety of their careers. In the medical field, new techniques and continual research are available long after a professional conclude their education. These can change the way a professional should approach treatment. Knowing your physical therapist’s strengths is important before you decide on a provider.

Early Physical Therapy in Pinecrest Benefits

Physical therapists treat individuals of any age or ability. The ways a physical therapist can help you include:

Maximize Your Movement

Pain-free movement is a vital tenet to managing an optimal quality of life. This also affects your ability to earn a living, as well as your general independence. Physical therapists serve as movement experts that identify, diagnose, and provide treatment for movement issues.

Physical therapists additionally work in collaboration with their patients, as well as other medical specialists. They design unique treatment plans for every patient’s unique, individual goals, challenges, or needs.

Avoid Surgery

Invasive surgeries do not need to represent your only option when your experience injury, or suffer from a chronic condition. With each surgical procedure, the potential for risk and long recovery time accompany this treatment form.

Luckily, early physical therapy in Pinecrest is typically just as effective, in addition to less expensive. Physical therapy is the ideal alternative to surgery and can help patients with a wide range of conditions. These include knee osteoarthritis, as well as chronic back pain.

Our body is designed to heal itself so long as it has the proper nutrition and treatment options. Early physical therapy in Pinecrest is a customizable surgery alternative that specialists can tailor to a patient’s individual goals and needs.

When implemented properly, physical therapy will help you avoid surgery entirely while treating numerous different conditions like strains, fractures, dislocations, back pain, tendonitis, as well as sprains.

What to Expect from Early Physical Therapy in Pinecrest

It is the goal of a physical therapist to determine the proper treatment course for your unique needs. To accomplish this, they will provide you with a full examination. Once they obtain information from this bodily analysis, they can then offer you all the facts related to your specific conditions, as well as discuss potential treatment options at your disposal.

Your friends from Progressive Therapy Center always recommend trying physical therapy first to potentially avoid invasive surgical procedures. If you already had surgery, it is important that you begin post-surgical physical therapy treatment to increase the potential to regain optimal strength, balance, and mobility as you recover.

It is important that you don’t feel pressured into surgery before exploring your potential options first. You can always work together with a physical therapist to discover an individual treatment plan that may help you avoid surgery while achieving similar results.

Early Physical Therapy in Pinecrest from Progressive Therapy Center

Progressive Therapy Center serves the South Florida community as an essential resource for physical therapy treatment. Our center is located in the heart of Pinecrest and provides treatment to area residents to help them with a plethora of different conditions.

Our team employs a combination of manual therapy as well as the modernist technology available in the field. Progressive Therapy Center strives to offer patients the best care possible by employing evidence-based research while maximizing our attention on their needs.

Regardless if you need pain treatment, physical therapy, surgical recovery, or suffer from a neurological condition, early physical therapy in Pinecrest for our expert team can help you. We want to help you optimize your recovery procedure with an effective physical therapy treatment regimen.

Our ultimate goal is going above and beyond to meet and exceed any patient’s expectations. This involves top-quality treatment, as well as the patient’s active involvement at home. Our prescription of at-home exercise can help patients streamline their entire recovery process.

For more information on early physical therapy in Pinecrest from the Progressive Therapy Center team, contact our caring and concerned professionals today. We can help guide you on your journey to happiest, healthy life!