Balance Rehabilitation in Palmetto BayObtaining the Benefits of Balance Rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay

Although balance training is not an official part of physical therapy care, balance rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay actually provides many benefits to in-need patients.

Take, for example, patients that suffer from sprains. In these instances, it remains crucially important to restore function in injured areas when injuries occur. Balance rehab focuses on preventing injured joints and tissues from “giving” during weight-bearing activities. This could include something as simple as running or during more strenuous athletic activities.

Many physical therapists will express that balance rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay works best in conjunction with the typical PT interventions like the range of motion and strengthening exercises. Balance training works to help patients retrain their bodies, including the limb and joint movement sensations.

This is what enables us to walk without losing our balance, as injuries, conditions, as well as aging,  takes away from this ability. Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to share more information on balance rehabilitation and the numerous benefits that it may provide patients. Read on to learn more.

Who Can Benefit from Balance Rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay

Balance or vestibular rehabilitation is an effective method to help any patient that experiences dizziness or balance issues. Its purpose is facilitating bodily compensation when an injury, age, or other conditions that impede balance occurs.

As a result, patients can experience decreases in the severity, as well as total alleviation of their symptoms. These might include dizziness or vertigo, decreased balance, and difficulty in conducting normal daily activities.

During an initial meeting with a physical therapist for balance rehab, the specialist will evaluate your symptoms while reviewing your comprehensive medical history. Their final assessment will determine your level of balance, strength, flexibility, gait, posture, stability, mobility, and positional testing.

When the obtain information in these areas, a physical therapist can cultivate a unique, individualized care plan. The goal of their treatment will center on improving the deficits that they may determine in these areas.

As a result, patients improve their functional ability in their everyday activities while reducing the risks of falling. This extends to doing things in the home or at work and improving their overall quality of life.

Balance Rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay – A Treatment for Everyone

Some patients hear about balance rehab thinking it’s something for elite athletes. Contrarily, balance training actually primarily serves older adults and injured individuals that remain at risk for slips and falls. PTs also employ this modality for women that suffer from decreased bone mass.

A balance-oriented care regimen helps patients to improve their postural stability after conditions like stroke. Aside from the usual difficulty that we all face with age, balance problems also afflict individuals that suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, as well as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Our balance system relies on nervous system input from a variety of bodily signals. Vision plays a significant role in balance. Need more information? Try and stand on one foot for 60 seconds with your eyes closed. If you feel wobbly, balance rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay may help.

Additionally, many people will suffer from vertigo and fully understand balance problems. However, they may not know that this actually originates with the vestibular, or inner ear system.

We wield nerve receptors in our ear canals that remain sensitive to movement in our head. They relay head position to the brain to help us balance our bodies under a plethora of different circumstances.

Our brain needs sensory input in conjunction with muscle power to help us maintain stability. This includes purposeful movement like lifting our feet to walk or run. Nevertheless, it includes reflexive scenarios as well like when we stumble and must catch ourselves to fall.

Balance Rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

Balance inevitably erodes over time. This is especially true in the instance that patients do not remain active. Nonetheless, balance rehabilitation in Palmetto Bay can correct these deficiencies regardless if a patient suffers from an injury or a cognitive issue.

Fortunately, you don’t need to utilize a ton of equipment to lean on the basics in balance training. Physical therapists will educate you and administer a care regimen that you can regularly perform on your own at home.

Stabilizing your body under increasingly difficult circumstances is a scary proposition. Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to normalize these instances while helping our patients’ recovery.

To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our dedicated professional therapy staff today!