Balance Rehabilitation in KendallRelying on Balance Rehabilitation in Kendall to Help with Vertigo

Just imagine walking down the street or through the local grocer. Suddenly, you feel a dizziness sensation like you just stepped off a ride at the county carnival. This is a condition called vertigo that can occur while walking, standing, or even sitting.

This is a specific type of dizziness condition that remains distinguished by the sudden feeling of spinning, or that the world is spinning around you. It may come and go, but it can also last for hours or days at a time. Unfortunately, this dizziness is more than just the feeling we get from popular theme park rides, additionally accompanied by headaches, nausea, double vision, and vomiting.

With dizziness often representing the number one reason that elderly individuals visit emergency care, you may wonder how specialists, therapists, or physicians go about treating this condition. For this reason, our team from Progressive Therapy Center is breaking down some information on vertigo, as well as how our staff approaches patient assistance.

Information on Balance Rehabilitation in Kendall for Vertigo Symptoms

Our sense of balance remains closely linked to the normal functions of the inner ear, as well as the vestibular system. The inner near contains the cochlea and the vestibular system. The cochlea helps us hear, and the vestibular system influences and regulates bodily balance.

The vestibular system contains three primary components; the utricle, saccule, and three canals shaped like a semicircle. This system operates together to afford you the sensation of motion, equilibrium, and the notion of spatial orientation in the surrounding environment.

When issues disrupt natural vestibular system operation, this can result in a variety of conditions. These include feelings of seasickness, dizziness, imbalance, headaches, and difficulties seeing properly.

Many people can experience these symptoms at some point in their life. They may appear resulting from medication, heart conditions, neuropathy, or detriments to the vestibular system. Thorough evaluation remains crucial to identify what causes the systems, in addition to forming the best treatment options for patients.

How Balance Rehabilitation in Kendall Helps with Vertigo and Balance Issues

A program for balance rehabilitation in Kendall can significantly benefit vestibular disorders. Unfortunately, this does not apply to every individual condition, and some may necessitate medical management, as well as surgery.

Physical therapists wield several goals that they will need to meet in a rehabilitation program. During your very first visit, they will begin assessing the situation, asking questions about what makes your unique, individual symptoms worse, and what may improve them. This helps them determine the precise nature concerning the condition.

To achieve these goals, a PT will rely on a variety of techniques that remain based on the symptoms and nature of the disorder. This could include administering treatments like walking, strengthening, and balance. Situational exercises also represent an essential part of recovery programs.

Balance retraining is a typical exercise intervention that improves muscle and joint coordination while helping you feel as steady as possible. Administrations may also involve teaching you specific eye movements that can help eye muscles adapt to transformations within the vestibular system.

Physical therapists rely on these physical movements to help your body’s natural ability to respond to bouts of dizziness. As time goes on, patients often display improvements in responding to movements and scenarios that trigger vertigo symptoms.

Finally, physical therapy helps rebuild strength and restores range of motion. Many vertigo and vestibular condition patients suffer from weakness in these areas due to disuse.

PTs will guide you in stretching and condition while administering balance rehabilitation in Kendall to relieve symptoms and conditions associated with vertigo.

Balance Rehabilitation in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Research continues to enhance balance rehabilitation. This includes exercises and care regimens that you can perform on your own at home. In any physical therapy application, PTs will recommend activities that patients can complete to continue and optimize the treatment course.

The good news is that a physical therapist can modify treatment at any time as you make your way through a program. This enables you to recover doing activities you may ably perform while also sticking to a recovery and rehabilitation program you enjoy.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients feel their best in a comforting and welcoming environment. With our center, we treat patients like a part of the family. If you or a loved one suffer from a vestibular condition like vertigo or vertigo symptoms, contact our professional, caring, and dedicated team today!