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Balance is something we just can’t do without. Though most don’t think about it on an everyday basis, without your balance, going through life would be difficult. You would have trouble walking, getting out of bed, working, cooking, or doing anything that involves moving from one place to another. However, there are many ways that people can either temporarily or permanently lose their balance. Whether you are struggling with vestibular disorders like tinnitus, or you simply need to rehabilitate your balance after a bad sprain or break, you can benefit from balance rehabilitation therapy in Cutler Bay.


What is balance rehabilitation therapy in Cutler Bay?


Balance rehabilitation therapy is just what the name implies: a therapy to help mitigate and repair balance problems. These therapies often involve training your eyes and head movements to minimize movements that might cause vertigo. These exercises can strengthen muscles that could throw off your balance, and more! It is a fairly common therapy for people as they age, due to the deterioration of the ear and hearing as we age. Though it doesn’t affect every person equally, most will deal with at least some minor dizziness and vertigo. Many people will live with these problems, especially the elderly who might chalk it up to a normal sign of aging. However, with physical therapy, balance issues are either fixable or things that can be mitigated with appropriate coping mechanisms.


Who needs balance rehabilitation therapy?


Anyone who is having trouble with their balance, either major or minor, can use balance rehabilitation therapy! The most common injuries that can use balance rehabilitation therapy are usually vestibular disorders or disorders of the inner ear. When you have any kind of inner ear injury, whether it is an infection gone wrong or a broken inner ear bone, there is usually physical therapy needed to mitigate dizziness or vertigo. 


Another significant situation that requires balance rehabilitation therapy is broken bones, fractures, or surgery recovery. If some muscles in your body aren’t as strong as they were before your surgery, many people can have trouble keeping their balance. Balance rehabilitation can help you re-learn your body and either rebuild muscles that have deteriorated or get used to the new way your body can move.


Balance rehabilitation therapy is also useful for people recovering from cognitive issues, like strokes. In this situation, physical therapists can help stroke patients recover their balance and re-learn how to use certain body parts.


What happens during balance rehabilitation therapy?


When you go to balance rehabilitation therapy, your physical therapist will first sit down with you and go through some basic exercises and movements with you to determine your unique exercise and therapy plan, one-on-one. Then, depending on the kind of injury, you and your physical therapist will work together to either recover your balance or learn coping mechanisms to deal with injuries that might not be easily fixable.


For inner ear disorders, some common therapies involve relaxing the muscles of the shoulder and neck or training the eyes to move independently of head. Also, gaze stabilization exercises increase the length of time over a few weeks or months.


For broken bones or surgery recovery, the therapy is often more what people imagine as traditional physical therapy, with physical exercises to build muscle and train stamina while protecting other, vulnerable parts of the body.


Where can you get balance rehabilitation in Cutler Bay?


Many people think that dizziness and vertigo are things that they simply have to live with. However, it is a fixable problem that has several proven therapies to deal with! If you suffer from occasional dizziness and vertigo for whatever reason, you could use balance rehabilitation therapy. 


Balance rehabilitation in Cutler Bay At Progressive Physical Therapy Cent


Balance Rehabilitation in Cutler BayBalance is so necessary for many things in our everyday life. If you suffer from balance issues, you don’t have to accept that there are things you will not be able to do anymore. With balance rehabilitation in Cutler Bay, you can go back to a normal life, without being worried about falling or burning yourself on the stove. You can go back to playing with your children or grandchildren without fear and otherwise enjoy your life. 


Here at Progressive Physical Therapy Center, we provide most types of physical therapy, including balance rehabilitation in Cutler Bay and surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment today, and allow us to walk alongside you on your path to recovery and a better life.