What is Balance Rehab in Kendall?

Do you ever feel dizzy or off-balance? How about insecure when residing in a busy environment? Balance rehab in Kendall serves as a solution for individuals that suffer from balance and dizziness issues. The exercise-based program was designed by specially trained physical therapists to help patients improve their balance.

Dizziness, as well as other balance-related issues,  may derive from several different factors. Balance rehab in Kendall works to help patients with conditions that include stroke, diabetic neuropathy, in addition to inner-ear issues.

Every year, over 10 million patients visit with a medical care specialist as a result of their dizziness. This additionally represents the most common complaint of patients over the age of 75. However, the condition may appear in patients during any phase of their lives.

While dizziness is typically not a serious issue, it remains indicative of an underlying mechanical issue. Patients that lose their vestibular function can experience substantial improvements by utilizing specialty balance rehabilitation treatments.

The first step in balance rehab in Kendall is an evaluation of the individual’s unique condition and needs. This includes assessing vestibular and neuromuscular function, strength, a range of motion, coordination, mobility, and balance.

Who can Benefit from Balance Rehab in Kendall

Patients that frequently wield the most to gain from balance rehab in Kendall are those that receive a diagnosis regarding dizziness, imbalance, vertigo, as well as migraines. Other candidates may reflect those that suffer from stroke or brain injury, in addition to those who fall frequently.

During an initial appointment with a PT, they can evaluate your symptoms while reviewing your comprehensive medical history. This assessment will analyze your:

  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Gait and Posture
  • Visual Stability and Mobility
  • Neck Mobility and Strength
  • Arm Strength

Depending on the findings from this evaluation, the PT can cultivate a unique care plan. The goal of any balance-oriented plan is improving any potential deficits that the PT identified. As a result, balance rehab in Kendall can enhance your overall functional ability, and mitigate and potential fall risks.

Under many circumstances, balance rehab in Kendall serves as the only treatment you will need. Nevertheless, it also represents a component during a pre- or post-surgery treatment plan. When patients continue the rehabilitative exercises in this regimen, balance and dizziness issues will likely decrease significantly. Some patients even alleviate their symptoms entirely!

Balance rehab in Kendall may include gait training with proper exercise movements or an assistive device. PTs will also educate patients on safe home mobility to minimize the potential for any problems. Many different neurologic and orthopedic diagnoses may benefit a comprehensive, balance-oriented care plan. These include:

  • Adverse effects of aging
  • Inner ear conditions
  • Brain injuries and post-concussion symptoms
  • Stoke and other neurological conditions
  • Chronic pain, orthopedic injuries, and other conditions

Empowering Patients to Help Themselves

Dizziness and balance issues represent the third most common reason for healthcare facility visits. Over 80 percent of these visits impart at least a partial vestibular component. Dizziness and balance problems additionally represent the leading cause of injuries that require hospitalization.

Physical therapy and balance rehab in Kendall is a common modality that helps patients with vestibular and balance-related concerns. This modality enables patients to help treat themselves through exercises and treatments that they continue administering on their own at home.

Your vestibular system depends on information it obtains from the eyes, inner ear, and extremities. This is how the system keeps your body in balance. Sometimes, the information that it receives comes back incomplete or distorted. As a result, you may begin feeling dizzy or lose your balance.

Balance rehab in Kendall restores the communication between the brain and these informational resources. Furthermore, this allows for better balance and mitigated dizziness issues. Successful treatments may take as few as 1 to 2 sessions. Unfortunately, treatment duration does depend on the root cause behind the dizziness.

Balance Rehab in Kendall from Progressive Therapy Center

Patients frequently express anxiety, panic, and depression due to their balance issues. This may result in additional difficulty as they try to manage their symptoms. Patients may begin restricting their activity to avoid any potential risks from their vestibular symptoms.

This coping strategy may reduce issues and eliminates anxiety or fear; however, it also limits the necessary compensation to experience an ideal recovery. The best possible results depend on slow, progressive exposure to movement and activity. Over time, patients will demonstrate substantial improvements in their symptoms.

The professional physical therapy staff from Progressive Therapy Center wield specialty training to assess and treat balance issues. We can help by improving balance through a customized training and exercise program. This focuses on the root cause leading to balance problems. Our team also educates patients on the root issue causing their balance problems.

Progressive Therapy Center is located in the heart of Pinecrest in Miami, not far from the Kendall area. We can help patients experience preeminent recoveries in the most welcoming environment possible. When you step through our doors, prepare to experience treatment as a member of our medical family as we care for and support your recovery from day one.

Balance issues may seem like something you can live with. Unfortunately, slip and fall incidents due to vestibular issues remains an extremely serious medical condition. For more information on how our dedicated, caring, and concerned physical therapy team can help with a balance rehab in Kendall treatment regimen, contact Progressive Therapy Center today.