Back Pain Relief in South MiamiPain Management with Physical Therapy

Physical therapists can accomplish pain relief through specialized intervention. This involves treatments that specifically focus on preventing and managing injuries, as well as disabilities. A PT works to relieve pain while promoting healing and restoring function and movement.

Physical therapists represent professionally training specialists, skilled and educated in evaluation and conservative management. This means they remain a crucial resource for rehabilitation regarding orthopedic, neurologic, and even cardiovascular conditions.

One of the common afflictions that cause individuals to visit a PT is lower back pain. This issue may result in throbbing or severe pain, in addition to decreased function and mobility. The goal behind the treatment is educating patients on maintenance programs that help them increase their overall function levels while minimizing, possibly even eradicating pain.

Standard forms of physical therapy intervention include a combination of passive and active therapies. Passive approaches include modalities like heat application, ice packs, or electrical stimulation.

Active physical therapy focuses on specific exercises or stretches. For most back pain conditions, active physical therapy will involve exercise as the primary tenet of a physical therapy program.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center wants to outline some information on the benefits of physical therapy for back pain relief in South Miami. This will include information on how to recover from back problems, as well as prevent and minimize future symptoms.

The Benefits of Physical Therapy for Back Pain Relief in South Miami

Spine stability largely depends on the supportive abdominal muscles and lower back musculature system. Ab muscles offer initial stabilizing support due to their ability to generate pressure within the abdomen. These muscles posteriorly exert pressure on the spine. As a result, this produces an anterior support column.

Furthermore, the lower back muscles stabilize the spinal column from the back, leading to posterior support. Our spine is very bony. However, the spine and discs are surrounded by muscles.

The stronger this muscular system is, the less stress we can place on the discs and joints in our spine. Ideally, patients should develop a belt of muscle to protect their spines.

A plethora of medical rhetoric exists concerning physical therapy for back pain relief in South Miami. While most episodes remain self-limiting and can get better on their own, actively exercising and committing to a physical therapy program maintains an essential role in recovery.

Ongoing exercise additionally can help improve subsequent function in patients that suffer from lower back pain while reducing the likelihood or severity of future situations, as well as symptoms.

When Exercise Can’t Provide Back Pain Relief in South Miami

Unfortunately, practitioners often refer patients to a physical therapist only for the patient to return to their original doctor after stopping therapy. They may say the treatment hurts their back, or that they didn’t achieve the appropriate relief for their efforts.

Nevertheless, with some time and effort, most patients achieve back pain relief in South Miami. Patients may achieve the results to alleviate their condition after strengthening their muscles and alleviating back stress.

However, they may discontinue working to strengthen and optimize their bodies and spinal support structures. If patients do not maintain their exercises at home, this often leads to a slow loss of fitness in their trained muscles, with even returning lower back conditions.

For this reason, our team at Progressive Therapy Center often recommends continuing new lifestyle adaptations after successful treatment with physical therapy for back pain relief in South Miami. This will help patients sustain their strength and muscle mass that they gain during treatment.

Back Pain Relief in South MiamiBack Pain Relief in South Miami from Progressive Therapy Center

When patients think about physical therapy, an important aspect to keep in mind is that every individual may respond differently to treatment. We all wield different body types, patterns of movement, and habits. For this reason, physical therapists monitor individuals, attempting to correct improper habits, as well as posture, gait, and movement patterns.

Patients should additionally consult with a physician before seeing a PT as this professional may diagnose a patient’s condition, ruling out any potential indications concerning the need for physical therapy.

Individuals that continue physical therapy exercises after initial treatment remain the most successful at managing their lower back pain. Our team from Progressive Therapy Center can formulate a unique, individual PT treatment plan to embolden patients on their journey towards recovery.

We focus on aiding these individuals in the most welcoming environment possible, our facility in the heart of Pinecrest in the South Miami area. To learn more about back pain relief in South Miami, contact our dedicated and professional team today!