Physical Therapy Can Give You Back Pain Relief in Palmetto Bay

Lower back pain represents the most common diagnosis that physical therapists will observe in their clients. Unfortunately, back pain afflicts nearly 90 percent of all Americans during some point in their lives.

Additionally, back pain serves as the second leading cause of visits to see a physician, just behind the common cold. The condition is also the primary reason most Americans miss time at work.

When individuals suffer from back pain that lasts longer than a few weeks, doctors normally recommend them to see a physical therapist. By applying even simple treatments like hot and cold applications, physical therapists can offer back pain relief in Palmetto Bay.

Employing Repeated Motions for Back Pain Relief in Palmetto Bay

When back pain issues originate from irritation or nerve pressure, this is largely the result of spinal stenosis or a disc bulge. Repeating movement can help relieve pressure on the nerves to help alleviate pain and other sensations due to these issues.

PTs will often administer progressive exercises to minimize pain with a variety of motion approaches. For example, when patients feel worsening pain while bending forward, backward motion can provide back pain relief in Palmetto Bay. Similarly, patients can relief pain by bending forward to open up pressure areas in the spine when pain is worse at the back.

Stabilizing the Body

Stabilization exercises serve patients who move their spine in ways that may deviate from normal posture and motion. They can additionally help with those that suffer from sharp pain during certain motions like getting up from a sitting position.

These symptoms may occur when the muscles that reside deep in the abdomen become weak or do not fire properly. These muscles stabilize the spine, and those that experience back pain regularly wield difficulty engaging the correct muscles.

As deep spinal muscles get weak, surrounding muscles may overly tighten in response to stabilize the spinal column. Unfortunately, this is not their primary function. As a result, these individuals often experience increased pain and tightness.

Stabilizing exercise provides back pain relief in Palmetto Bay by retraining these deep muscular areas. PTs can help educate on proper abdominal and spinal muscle use before administering a stabilizing regimen to help spinal support.

Body Manipulation and Mobilization

When individuals suffer from stiffness in their spine, PTs may mobilize and manipulate these areas. This is a frequently employed chiropractic technique that helps alleviate stiffness, in addition to offering back pain relief in Palmetto Bay.

Body manipulation practitioners will administer short-rapid thrusts over joints while the body resides in various prone positions. Mobilization also uses similar body positions, but the technique is much slower and gentler.

The Ideal Solution Could Come in Combination

Although these three modalities are very different, one of the best things about physical therapy is it allows customization and crossover. A PT may start a patient off with mobilization before adding more intensive exercises for back pain relief in Palmetto Bay.

Comprehensively understanding the natural course of back pain is essential for preeminent results. Patients may suffer from difficult, periodic back pain episodes. Nevertheless, they can additionally experience recovery with the presence of each episode.

Physical therapists help patients endure less frequent episodes as time goes on. In fact, the treatment approach actually encourages and remains supported by at-home, continued care. Patients remain responsible for a significant amount of their progress while performing exercises and treatments on their own.

This helps empower individuals in their own recovery while also educating them on self-management should an episode take place.

Back Pain Relief in Palmetto Bay from Progressive Therapy Center

When back pain remains persistence or begins to interfere with normal day-to-day activities, visiting a physical therapist for back pain relief in Palmetto Bay is commonly necessary.

Your first visit with a physical therapist will involve an initial evaluation during the first visit. You should also dress comfortably because the specialist will certainly want to get you moving again.

One of the most important times that you can care for your back is actually when you impart no symptoms. By simply maintaining proper posture, mobility, and strength in your spine, this could help you avoid back pain incidents almost entirely.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help our clients recovering in a comfortable, welcoming environment. At our center in the heart of Pinecrest, you can learn what it is like as a part of our happy physical therapy family.

To learn more about back pain relief in Palmetto Bay, contact the Progressive Therapy team today!