How to Treat Arthritis

Hands feeling achy or swollen? Seemingly chronic joint pain that won’t go away? It is safe to assume that you may suffer from symptoms of arthritis.

350 million individuals worldwide and approximately 40 million Americans have arthritis. Although arthritis is common, it still occurs less frequently than most people expect. What many think is arthritis reflects the tendonitis condition.

Our arthritis treatment center in Pinecrest, Progressive Therapy Center wants to share some information to help suffering individuals learn more about the differences between the two conditions. Additionally, we hope the following outlines some common approaches on how you can treat and live with an arthritis condition.

Tendonitis and Arthritis

By definition, tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons that assist the joints in movement. Tendonitis may come and go suddenly, or last for a few days. Contrarily, arthritis in the inflammation of the joint itself. This commonly occurs due to degenerative changes in afflicted areas.

Many types of arthritis exist. However, the most common forms are osteoarthritis (OA), and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). OA takes place when the protective cartilage in a joint breaks down. RA occurs when the joints get attacked by your immune system itself.

Physicians diagnose tendonitis through a physical examination. This evaluates your range of motion and tenderness in affected areas. You can treat this with medications, rest, physical therapy, and in some cases, surgery.

Unfortunately, arthritis remains more complicated in diagnosis. Specialists often require X-ray analysis to pinpoint where the condition begins. If X-ray outlines narrowing, or changes within the joint, your arthritis condition may remain imminent.

The pain and stiffness from arthritis are often miserable for those that suffer from it. While no cure for arthritis exists, physical therapy from an arthritis treatment center in Pinecrest like Progressive Therapy Center can offer a mitigating solution.

With as many as 100 different reasons that your symptoms begin to appear, proper treatment starts with proper diagnosis. Physicians will often prescribe medications for symptoms. Unfortunately, these only offer short-term relief. As a result, more and more patients turn to physical therapy to alleviate their suffering.

Treatment will begin after diagnosis, utilizing this information to formulate a comprehensive arthritis treatment plan. Physical and occupational therapy from an arthritis treatment center in Pinecrest can offer help for a swift and easy recovery.

Arthritis Isn’t Reversible? Why See an Arthritis Treatment Center in Pinecrest

Physical and occupational therapists can educate you on how to reduce strains on your joints. They will show you how to modify your home or workplace environments to reduce motions that can aggravate the condition. Additionally, occupational therapists may provide information on using assistive devices during day-to-day activities.

Physical therapists will teach you exercises to preserve mobility and strength in the joints. They can also inform you on ways to move between positions, and correct posture to protect the integrity of your joints.

A PT will tailor a program to your own unique, specific needs. It doesn’t matter if you suffer from arthritic issues in a particular area, or widespread throughout an entire region of the body. An arthritis treatment center in Pinecrest will focus on:

  • Preventing the loss of joint usage
  • Restoring formerly lost abilities
  • Helping you adapt to new levels of activity
  • Maintaining your overall fitness
  • Maintaining your ability to take place in the activities you choose

You should begin a treatment regimen as early as possible. This will help you to reduce painful symptoms of inflammation, deformity, as well as joint stiffness. Physical therapy can also help you maintain the strength in surrounding muscles and tissues.

If you can control pain and swelling, your treatment plan may also include exercise. This will aim to help you increase your overall range of motion while improving strength and endurance comprehensively.

Our Arthritis Treatment Center in Pinecrest – Progressive Therapy Center

You may notice some pain once beginning a new exercise program, especially if you haven’t been active in some time. Generally, if you feel sore for more than two hours after a session, it’s time to back off a bit. Always discuss any pain with a PT about what should feel normal, and what represents a sign of something more serious.

Our team focuses on helping patients recover in a welcoming environment, our arthritis treatment center in Pinecrest. To learn more about how we can help you, contact our dedicated and professional team from Progressive Therapy Center today to schedule a consultation on your arthritis condition.