Can Specialists Cure Arthritis?

A plethora of contradictory information regarding curing arthritis may prove confusing, especially for recently diagnosed individuals. Many books and other seemingly credible resources write about cures for arthritis conditions, while even our own arthritis treatment center in Palmetto Bay outline that no arthritis cure exists. Which opinion Is the right one?

While it remains understandable that any newly-diagnosed patient feels tempted to find any resource with “arthritis cure” in the content, it simply isn’t that simple. Patients wield no easy path in skipping straight from diagnosis to cure without chronic pain and the potential for disability.

No Cure Exists for Most Arthritis Conditions

Many different types of arthritis remain common. Unfortunately, no cure exists for most types of the condition. Nevertheless, with early diagnosis and management intervention, patients can improve their symptoms, or continue to live well in scenarios where they don’t display severe arthritis symptoms.

Administrations of medication can substantially affect rheumatoid arthritis. An early diagnosis and treatment intervention from an arthritis treatment center in Palmetto Bay can help transform patients that suffer from pain, as well as joint damage.

A big problem with the words “arthritis cure” is that this many think that this means the disease goes away forever. A cure essentially leaves a suffering patient with no symptoms, in addition to no need for continued treatment. In fact, “remission” is often utilized interchangeably with a cure.

Remission means the absence of any clinical symptoms. This might mean a patient shows no clinical signs of inflammation, but it does not equate to an arthritis condition remaining effectively cured.

Nonetheless, a very small percentage of patients can discontinue arthritis medication. The best chance for this to occur is early diagnosis and treatment from an arthritis treatment center in Palmetto Bay. Patients must temper expectations however, as over 95 percent of arthritis patients must continue medication to remain in arthritis remission.

Arthritis Diagnosis and Treatment from an Arthritis Treatment Center in Palmetto Bay

Arthritis is a complicated condition in diagnosis. Many times, this requires the administration of an X-ray to determine the earliest stages. X-rays may display narrowing changes in the joint. This is a clear indication that a patient’s suffering from an arthritic condition remains imminent.

If a patient believes they are afflicted with arthritis, an arthritis treatment center in Palmetto Bay may begin by asking questions about their medical and family histories. A specialist will also likely perform a physical exam, before requesting image testing like X-rays or an MRI scan.

Once they obtain a diagnosis, treatment course will depend on the specific type of arthritis that a patient demonstrates, in addition to the severity of their pain, and where the arthritis is present.

The goal of arthritis treatment is always the same: controlling pain, slowing condition progression, and maintaining the patient’s ability to move, as well as function. Doctors typically cannot reduce arthritis effects, but they can control them.

Assistive regimens from an arthritis treatment center in Palmetto Bay may include:

  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Administrations of cortisone or hyaluronic acid to lubricate joints
  • Nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen for inflammation and pain
  • Joint replacement surgery

Progressive Therapy Center – Arthritis Treatment Center in Palmetto Bay

Arthritis affects millions of adult Americans. Unfortunately, there are also many different types. Very few types of arthritis remain curable. Most of these represent arthritis types associated with infections.

Regardless of the type of arthritis that a patient suffers from, treatment always focuses on slowing progression while controlling symptoms. By slowing progression and managing symptoms, an arthritis treatment center in Palmetto Bay can preserve overall joint function. Early on in the condition’s development, intervention can often prevent disability.

Patients may also suffer from chronic, seemingly irreversible, debilitating arthritis forms that we call chronic arthritis. In these scenarios, specialists will usually aim to help patients live well while minimizing arthritis intrusiveness.

Our team from Progressive Therapy Center works to help patients recover in the most welcoming environment possible. When you step into our arthritis treatment center (located in Pinecrest, not far from the Palmetto Bay area), we immediately treat you as a member of our therapy family.

This means experience preeminent treatment and commitment as you work towards recovery in a comfortable, welcoming location. If you suffer from arthritis, you may feel like all hope is lost. However, with help from our arthritis treatment center in Palmetto Bay, we can get your body right with a support system and therapeutic intervention that works.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact Progressive Therapy Center today!