[h1]Our Team[/h1]
[team_member members_name=”Greg Welch” members_title=”Owner/Clinic Director” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/welch.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Bachelor of Science – Occupational Therapy
Florida International University, 1988

Masters of Arts – Pastoral Ministry
St. Thomas University, 1994

Certified Hand Therapist CHT, 2006

Greg enhanced his skills as an Occupational Therapist/Upper Extremity Specialist with amazing Mentors who are still the Best of the Best in Therapy. Being a CHT/Upper Extremity (shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand diagnoses) Specialist enables him to treat a variety of Upper Extremity diagnoses with excellent results. Greg specializes in all ages of patients, from Pediatrics to Geriatrics. He has developed close relationships with Physicians that allow great communication and hence outstanding patient performance. Greg is a frequent lecturer at various Universities in the Miami area. As a former athlete and coach at Columbus High school, Greg loves to treat athletes with Upper Extremity injuries.

As Clinic Director, Greg believes in setting up patients and staff for the ultimate success. He believes in a relaxed, fun work environment where patients max out their ability and truly enjoy the process.

Specialty: Certified Hand Therapist – upper extremities, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. Kinesio Tape certified.
[team_member members_name=”Jacqueline Mekdeci Welch” members_title=”Co-Owner/Therapist” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/welchj.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Bachelor of Science Occupational Therapy
Florida International Therapy, 1990

Jackie enjoys working with various Diagnoses both ortho and neuro. Her neuro/ortho training was done with mentors that are the best therapists in the state. She enjoys working with geriatrics and adults and always develops a wonderful rapport with her patients. Her massage techniques have earned her an amazing reputation. Jackie is very warm hearted and patients appreciate her fun loving approach to rehab.

Specialty: orthopedics and neurology, geriatrics and adults.

[team_member members_name=”Grace Jaffet” members_title=”Therapist” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/jaffet.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Bachelor of Science
Biological Science Colorado State University, 1988

Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy
Florida International University, 1990

Grace specializes in the treatment of soft tissue injuries — knee, ankle, neck and back. She is an expert at treating post-surgical patients and truly enjoys rehab of total knee and hip replacements. As a former athletic trainer and tennis player, Grace welcomes athletes, understands their individual sports and requirements for return to optimal performance. Above all else, her rapport/ability to connect with patients is second to none. She is extremely caring and patients appreciate this greatly.

Specialty: knee and ankle injuries, geriatrics to pediatrics, total joint replacements.

[team_member members_name=”Nicholas (Nick) Concepcion” members_title=”Therapist” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/concepcion.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Doctorate of Physical Therapy
University of Miami, 2010

Bachelor of Science – Health Administration
University of Central Florida, 2007

Nick truly enjoys helping patients maximize their goals in a variety of activities. As a former athlete at Christopher Columbus High School, runners and athletes in every setting have benefited from Nick’s expertise.

Specialty: orthopedics, running analysis, spine, hip, knee and foot diagnoses.

[team_member members_name=”Maggie Marquez” members_title=”Therapist” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/marquez.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Bachelor of Science Physical Therapy
Florida International University, 1991

Maggie combines a wealth of experience in orthopedics and neurology which allows treating patients with a balanced approach. She is tremendously motivated to give patients the ultimate hands on/manual therapy experience. Maggie is an avid CrossFitter and this allows her to understand high level athletes and their injuries. She loves to make an impact in someone’s life through compassionate care coupled with excellent skills.

Specialty: orthopedics, geriatrics

[team_member members_name=”Melissa Delasota” members_title=”Therapist” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/delasota.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Associate Occupational Therapy Keiser University, 2015

Certified Personal Trainer, 2017

Melissa Delasota is a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA/L) and a Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner (CKPT). She graduated top of her class in 2015 from Keiser University. She has experience with treating various orthopedic injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand. Her approach to treatment is hands-on, providing skilled manual therapy such as joint mobilization techniques. She also works with pediatric orthopedics. Apart from providing excellent skilled OT therapy, she is known for being incredibly caring and establishes very strong rapport with all of her patients.

Specialty: orthopedics, geriatrics, adults, pediatrics, Kinesio Tape certified.

[team_member members_name=”Amber Mead” members_title=”Therapist” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/mead.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Bachelor of Science
Florida State University, 2011

Certified Personal Trainer, 2017

Associate of Science Physical Therapists Assistant Keiser University, 2013

Amber has several years of Orthopedic experience working with geriatrics to pediatrics. She loves working with diverse patient populations with an emphasis on patient directed therapy. Her specific treatments are tailored to the uniqueness of each patient. Amber is an expert at exercise and how it affects all orthopedic diagnoses.
Specialty: orthopedics, geriatrics, pediatrics.

[team_member members_name=”Katie Campos” members_title=”Therapist” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/campos.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Doctor of Physical Therapy
University of Miami, 2015

Katie is very smart in her ability to diagnose the root cause of a variety of Orthopedic diagnoses on the first visit. She is an outstanding teacher of Exercise and this allows patients to return to a high Level of Functioning very quickly. Katie is a dedicated runner who competes at the highest level.

Specialty: running injuries, fall prevention, balance.

[team_member members_name=”Iris Alfonso” members_title=”Office Manager” style=”shadow” image_path=”http://progressivetherapy.net/wp-content/uploads/alfonso.jpg” link_to_page=”” description=””]
Associate in Arts Miami Dade Community College, 1985

Bachelor of Science Florida International University, 1988

Iris has worked at Progressive since 1999 and is an expert at billing and insurance. She currently is the office manager. She leads a group of front office personnel known as the “Dream Teamers”. They are so named because of their amazing ability to smile, welcome everyone, connect with patients, multi task, schedule, deal with insurances and do it all at an extremely high level.

Specialty: billing, health insurance.


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