[h1]Your First Visit[/h1]
Please print and complete one of the patient intake forms below, and bring it with you on your first visit to Progressive Therapy.

Completing the form prior to your first visit will ensure a speedy introduction to Progressive Therapy so that we can move on to the most important part of your visit… YOU.

[h3]pdf Patient Intake Form [/h3]

[h3]pdf Medicare Patient Intake Form [/h3]


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Visiting a new clinic can be an unnerving experience. There are new physicians you will have to become acquainted with, new forms of treatments, and other changes you may not think you are prepared to deal with. At Progressive Therapy, we will put all of these concerns and more at ease. Our professional and highly trained staff are dedicated to making sure all of our patients are feeling properly cared for and comfortable.

If you have been looking for a Center for Occupational Therapy, then Progressive Therapy is the perfect therapy center for you. Our physicians specialize in physical therapies that will help to lessen pain, increase mobility, and prevent future injuries from taking place. Our team is constantly keeping up with the newest technologies and techniques, so you will always receive the highest quality treatment.

Things to Do

Before coming in for your first visit, you want to make sure you prepare ahead of time to make your experience as stress-free and simple as possible. The following makes for a good list of things to bring.

  • Previous doctors: A list of names and addresses of previous doctors is always helpful, in case we need to ask them questions or require any additional information.
  • Family history: If your family has a history of certain conditions or illnesses, it helps your physician know you better and how to more effectively treat you.
  • Procedures: Letting your physician know of any previous hospitalizations or procedures also allows them to provide you with better treatment.
  • Diagnoses: Similarly, it would be much easier for your physician to treat your pain and conditions if they had updated and correct information.
  • Questions: Our physicians are here to work with you and make sure you are always feeling comfortable. They will be happy to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about any of our treatments.

During the Visit

When you are in our office, you will want to make the most out of your first appointment. Here are some ways that your first appointment can be that much better.

Bring a friend or family member: If you are feeling nervous ahead of your first visit, a trusted guest can help you feel much better. They can also ask questions you may not have thought of and offer you support.

  • Write it down: If you want to review how your first visit went, then writing down important information is always helpful. It also allows you to reference it in the future.
  • Ask for clarification: If our physician says something you want more information about or do not understand, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. There is no better time than the first visit to ask for more information about anything you are told!
  • Communicate: Telling your physician how your are feeling and your expectations create a level of understanding that will carry over to future appointments. Your treatments will be much better when your physicians know what you need.

Our Team

At Progressive Therapy, our team is comprised of highly trained and qualified therapists. With decades and decades of combined and individual experience, and with different specialties you will always be in capable hands when during your treatments. From our front office “Dream Teamers” to your physician and treatment, we strive you make you feel comforted throughout your experience.

If you are looking for a new physical therapy clinic, look no further than Progressive Therapy! We provide a variety of services such as Kinesio taping, soft tissue mobilization, balance rehab, and much more. Whether it is a sports related injury or a condition such as arthritis, our team can lessen your pain and its symptoms. If you are looking for a therapy clinic for the first time or in need of a new one, we are happy to have you!

Schedule your first visit today by calling us at 305-232-9222 or click here to contact us!